Best homemade onion juice recipe for hair growth

Hair loss has become a common problem all over the world. According to a study, about 80 million men and women in the United States have some degree of hair loss. The most prevalent cause of hair reducing or loss is a hereditary condition called androgenetic alopecia. It can also occur as a side effect of some medications or because of hormonal changes.

We all want to get rid of this problem. That’s why you can buy there are various hair growth products from your nearest shop. But now I am sharing with you the best homemade onion juice recipe for hair regrowth. “Onion for hair growth” is one of the best inventions for treating hair loss. It’s been used for centuries in homemade remedies by people from all over the world.

How to make onion juice for hair at home In 4 Steps?

I’m using natural components to make this onion juice for hair regrowth. Let’s do it together.

Essential Ingredients:


  1. Take a few onions. Then blend this after that, you have to take out the onions juice. Then take four teaspoon onion juice. It depends on your hair.
  2. Take two teaspoon Aloe vera Gel.
  3. Take one teaspoon Olive Oil/ castor oil.
  4. Mixed all these elements correctly store this recipe on your fridge for up to 7 days.

How to use this onion juice recipe for hair growth?

Congratulations, you have made your Onion juice recipe at home. Now, you should want to know how to use this onion juice for your hair correctly, right? Well, Apply this pack to all hair. Then rub well on the hair roots for 6-7minutes. Then 40-60 minutes, shampoo and wash with cold water.

Moreover, only onion juice can be used in the same coconut oil/Olive Oil can also be used with onion juice. But Custer oil more effective than coconut oil because it helps grow faster. It can be used two times a week.
Using this pack regularly. You will get amazing results after 15-30 days.

List Line for you

onion for hair growth and aloe vera both natural hair regrowth bsooter. After using this recipe, you will get magical growth on your hair.
We are thankful to Dr. F Prima for giving us all the helpful information about this article.

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