Best weight lifting belt for squats and deadlifts in 2020

A warship is the ornaments of our sea, and samely a weight lifting belt is a unique ornament for a power-lifter. It supports him, protects him, and tells him, ” let’s do some robust today!”.

A bodybuilding belt has 2 main functions. It reduces stress on the lower back whereas the person is lifting in an upright position, and it prevents back extension throughout overhead lifts.

In this article, we show you the best weight lifting belt for squats and deadlifts ever. And the last of the article, we will show you why you will use a weightlifting belt and what is the benefit of using a weightlifting belt.

Types of weight lifting belt

There are three types of lifting belt by technical design, and there are two types of belt by belt material. in this article, we show you all types of best belt ever base on customer satisfaction and according to gym specialist.

Types of lifting belts by design:

1. Cylinder Lifting Belt:

This style belt is the same width at every part and covers the trunk equally. It’s designed to support the back, abdomen, and sides evenly with the same amount of material. Powerlifters and strongman athletes typically sway unto these belts. It’s the most popular type of belt.

2. Tapered lifting Belt:

Olympic lifters and recreational athletes mostly use those kind of belt because it provides the posterior with extra width, but thins out towards the abdomen. The skinnier portion over the abdomen allows the torso to stay mobile while providing support.

3. Cone lifting Belt:

This design is the most rarely seen. These belts are contoured on the edges, but offer a thicker posterior and anterior section. In theory, their design is meant to follow the natural curvature of the torso.

Types of lifting belts by material:

1. Leather lifting Belt:

The type of leather a belt uses will often correlate with how stiff or rigid it’s. Leather belts are heavy and it will last longer than their nylon belt. Almost every leather belt is tanned and oiled. The way a belt is tanned and oiled can facilitate your predict how high of a high quality the belt is. Some belts contain a selected tanning method, just like the vegetable tanning process the Rogue Ohio Lifting Belt has.

2. Nylon lifting Belt:

This type of belt typically isn’t known for the way stiff it’s, but more so for the comfort and flexibility it provides. The stiffness of this belt relies on whether the belt has added inserts or has extra width. But nylon lifting is extremely user friendly.

The Best Weight Lifting Belt for Squats and Deadlifts

If leather is kingdom then Dark Iron one of the king of this kingdom. It’s a best seller product ever on Amazon and rank #1 on this category and also over 6000 plus customers gave a good rating on it.

It’s super flexible and doesn’t break anytime. It’s designed to be soft, supple, and flexible so it eliminates any pain while lifting.

The Dark Iron weightlifting belt width is good, sizing was accurate, pretty stylish, durable material. Our fitness instructor Leo D Watson in person uses this belt regarding one year long and he said, “First and most vital recommendation I will provide is, to be honest regarding your waist size when ordering this belt.

It fits true and that I extremely advocate choosing a size wherever your waist measure hits as shut as attainable to the center of the belt’s size vary. For example: I am a 36″ waist thus I ordered a Medium that ranges from 32″-40″ and it’s good.

Material is much softer then I could have notional. This is a plus because I was concerned that the belt would be too rigid and uncomfortable to wear. It is literally the opposite and I’m relieved and happy with this purchase.”

Key Features:

Specification sheet


Basically we love Fire Team Fit weightlifting belt for its exclusive design and multiple color choice option. It Feels great and sized perfectly too. If you are a beginner then we think it’s a perfect choice for you.

This belt highly supporting the user body. Follow their Sizing on the page carefully. Do Not go by your normal waist size, measure around your belly button. If you a size 30 waist in trousers but in this belt a 32 which is a Size Medium. For its lightweight contoured design, it actually helps prevent injury from hyperextension or hyperflexion of the user spine during weightlifting.

Key Features:

Specification sheet


Harbinger company famous for its supportive strength gear. This belt is almost the same as other Olympic weightlifting belt styles, and you will curious if it delayed up and felt the same as fully focused weightlifting branded belts. The inner portion of the leather is also softer more than the external, which felt pretty comfortable when making contact with the body.

This belt has a similar make and construction to other weightlifting belts. There’s double sewing around the whole exterior, and therefore the leather is somewhat stiff for the value. Also, there’s a double projection chrome steel buckle that means the buckle won’t bend. Similarities are available in the shape of construction, style purpose, and unique options.

Second, we glance for clues that indicate a belt’s durability. Harbinger provided a little extra cushion when pulling the belt tight, and it hugged the back wall. The leather’s inner portion was also softer than the external, which felt pretty comfortable when making contact with the body.

Key Features:

Specification sheet

Best weight lifting belt for squats and deadlifts in 2020 7Best weight lifting belt for squats and deadlifts in 2020 8

RitFit is one of the most adjustable and flexible Weight lifting belts in the market. This competency designed belt is the most outstanding model available on Amazon. One of the major benefits of using this belt is improving your overall health and weight loss efforts, due to the benefits of strength training, which keep you fit.

Up to 1000+ people gave a good rating for its amazing quality and features. RitFit belt is known for making safer biomechanics for you throughout weightlifting, providing your back and abdomen with superior support. So we highly recommended those users, those allergies on leather they can buy this product undoubtedly. It’s very user friendly and you’ll simply hand-wash and dry this belt, saving you the value of taking it to the cleaners.

Key Features:

Specification sheet


The Harbinger women’s nylon weightlifting belt is the most suitable option for girls. It is one of the most selling female weightlifting belts on Amazon with a good rating. It’s specially designed for women to follow the female contour more accurately, providing support all told the correct areas while being light and highly adjustable.

This belt is a nylon and core foam cloth base. In terms of stability, this belt can be held up pretty well for being nylon. These style belts are typically known for the bendable quality of their material. This helped reduce the lack of rigidness when maintaining specific postures.

This nylon belt encompasses a heavy-duty wraparound strap and fastens securely employing a heavy-gauge steel tensioning buckle. Quick to regulate and equally as quick to require off. Put it on for your heavy squats and deadlifts, and no have to leave it on for leg lifts too. This belt may lack in the area of stability, but it doesn’t when it comes to comfort. Nylon based belts are more comfortable than their leather counterparts. From your very first lift, you may felt comfortable.

Key Features:

Specification sheet

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This RDX belt is much more robust and comes with a robust lever style clasp. it’s a heavy-duty belt made out of quality materials and using industrial-grade stitching and a rust-proof steel lever clasp closure. Can’t get much secure than this.

The RDX powerlifting belt tightens fit around your body and allowing lift more. The suede finish adds non-slip experience to reduce the likelihood of accidental slippage. Nobody doesn’t want the belt moving around when they lift. The lever is excellent and sequentially easy to use. But some users say the RDX lever may not be strong enough under big loads.

RDX is one of the most fashionable belts on the market. It’s better than the classic chrome or black design. RDX created this belt with Nubuck leather. The leather feels sufficiently rigid. But it doesn’t stretch or tear under heavier loads. The edges on this belt aren’t rounded. This is beneficial in employing every bit of the belt’s width.

Key Features:

Specification sheet


How to Choose Your Weightlifting Belt (Buying Guide)

Shopping for a weightlifting belt is a little much like shopping for a shoe. You need to have a pretty idea of what you need and try different ones for fit, comfort, and functionality.

At first, choosing a belt take heart. The lifting exercises that you generally do, such as powerlifting, Olympic lifting, or bodybuilding, help consider your 50% of choices. Then the other 50% is just personal preference.

Leather belts tend to be somewhat more rigid and sturdy, allowing an extensive amount of lumbar support for even heavier lifts. As opposed to, neoprene belts are lighter and more flexible and mold to your body shape more.

If you’re a powerlifter, then you need a belt that is International Powerlifting Compliant, and that suggests 4” is the maximum allowable width. Powerlifters go for a non-tapered straight belt. A tapered lifting belt has less coverage on the front, meaning it’s less likely to dig into your ribs or hip bones.

Think about the sizes carefully and conform to your size. Always check the sizing guides before you buy one to avoid defeat and the trouble of returning and replacing your belt with the retailer.

However, get a more exploring guideline; you may check Gunsmith Fitness’s buying guide.

Why you should use a weightlifting belt

A weightlifting belt is extremely necessary for a power-lifter. It may be used as a tool to extend intra-abdominal pressure and to help a lifter in stabilizing the spine during lifts. Very like a lifter bracing correctly, a lifting belt can add additional support in such events that need maximal rigidity and tension within the torso.

It’s important to notice that a weightlifting belt doesn’t replace or protect against poor technique and improper bracing during a lift, and every of these should be at the muse of both beltless and with a belt training. Additionally, if a lifter is worried about the spinal integrity of a lift thanks to the previous injury, a belt could also be an honest option.

Should beginners use a lifting belt?

It depends on the person. If you’re a beginner, then you ought to conquer form and mechanics and complete your strength training first before reaching for a belt. At times, lifters can reach for a belt a small amount early on in their career before they nail their mechanics.

On the flip side, there are occasions when a beginner might need a belt. For instance, if you’re a beginner strength athlete and you’re working with a teacher and that they advise you to grab a belt, then doing so can help with the specificity of your sport.

last lines for you!

After completed hard research, we gave you a list of best weight lifting belt for squats and deadlifts of 2020 for men and women. So we very hope it will make you satisfied. But after all Dark Iron is our best choice.

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